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We are your first choice for custom interior/exterior home renovation construction and design. Our sought-after experience and quality give you the ultimate in value and beauty for all of your interior and exterior needs. We look forward to transforming your dream design into a reality.

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We know that renovating your home can seem like a daunting process. Our goal is to guide you and stay one step ahead of your questions by being communicative and transparent. Our thoughtful and deliberate work ethic keeps our team and clients in alignment from start to finish.

Initial consultation

Your remodeling project begins with a meeting to discuss your renovation goals and wish list. We’re happy to meet you on a video conference for safety or come to your home for this initial meeting. We’ll listen to your overall plans, discuss your needs and wants, get an idea for what you like and dislike, and touch upon your budget to ensure we’re all speaking the same language.

Budget Estimate

Based upon our initial meeting and understanding of the project scope, we’ll put together an estimate for the cost of the project. The total project estimate is often a range at this stage and will be further refined as we make our way through design process. Working with a design + build team helps to ensure that we’re designing to a budget and can keep costs in check to avoid surprises.

Design development

If we’re in the right ballpark with your estimate and you feel a connection to our team, the next step involves signing a contract to kick off the design development phase. We’ll visit your home to take detailed measurements of the spaces to be renovated and then get to work. During this phase, we’ll put together options and create a complete design package for your review and, ultimately, approval. We use a variety of tools to convey the design, including hand sketches and computerized 3D renderings. We’ll select materials and appliances appropriate to your project aesthetic and budget.

Obtain Approvals

Once you’re in love with the design and you’ve signed off on the total project cost, we’ll begin to source chosen materials and apply for any city permits needed for your project. With in-house architects, we’re capable of fulfilling the architectural filing requirements without hiring outside consultants. Once we have approvals, we’ll coordinate and obtain the permits required to get your project under construction.


With approvals and permits in hand, we’re ready to make it happen. At this stage, all design decisions have been made and we’re in execution mode. We’re meticulous with protecting your residential home, during the renovation process. Our careful planning and diligence while on site are paramount to keeping projects on track at this stage. While almost every project has unique site conditions, our team is adept at thoughtful problem-solving and turning issues into opportunities.

Project Completion

Our full commitment to excellence in project execution means that we’re only finished when you’re completely satisfied. Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are in love with their space long after we depart from the job site. Timeless design and careful attention to detail throughout the design and construction process are contributors to our success.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Cabinet Refurnishing & Painting

High-End Painting & Textures

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We had a huge flood in our bathroom and it created a lot of damage and needed to be gutted. Brittany and her team remodelled our bathroom and it is fantastic. We love the new design and most of all we love the team. Respecful and talented group. We’ll use them again in future. Thanks guy!